As a young child Dor was composing melodies in her head long before writing them. She was forever humming a tune that was working its way out of her, often catching the attention of those around her causing them to ask what song was that? The first album she composed was "A Different Life." After that, she continued to write more songs, while composing instrumental pieces for commercials, short films and advertising. Sample pieces can be found on this website to fit many different genres. For Dor, music is her first language, a universal language that everyone understands. She has never been without a song in her head or a tune she is humming. That's where her magic begins weaving the words and the melodies together in her soulful way!


For Dor, creating music is like working with a new language. Through the music she composes she is able to create a language that expresses all of her emotions, hopes and desires. In her world of music, the possibilities are endless because she is on a constant path of discovery a path she embarked on as a young girl in Poland and has continued on ever since.

In Dor's case, childhood dreams do come true if you only believe in them.